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About Us

Danone Nutricia Early Life Nutrition is part of Groupe Danone, a Fortune 500 company and one of the most successful healthy food companies in the world, focused on Dairy, Water, Early Life Nutrition and Medical Nutrition. Groupe Danone has its headquarters in Paris, France.

Danone Nutricia Early Life Nutrition manufactures formulas and supplements for infants and toddlers primarily at our Auckland plant, and these products are then distributed to hospitals and our trade customers across Australia and New Zealand. Danone Nutricia is able to provide samples of these products, upon request, for healthcare professionals' professional evaluation.   Danone Nutricia also provides an advisory service for parents and carers of infants and toddlers; as well as a range of non-food products such as breast and body creams, and pregnancy and breast feeding multivitamins and minerals.

Our mission is to stand by mums to nurture new lives. Central to our company's operations, Danone Nutricia Research has been building our expertise in the science of early life nutrition since 1946.

Danone Nutricia Early Life Nutrition has four major research centres in the Netherlands, Singapore, France and China, focusing on important aspects of Early Life Nutrition including maternal physiology during pregnancy and lactation, understanding the composition and health benefits of human milk, and the development of gut function and microbiota, and the immune system, brain and metabolism of the infant and young child.

With Danone Nutricia Early Life Nutrition you can be assured of a scientific approach to nutrition that encompasses extensive research, clinical studies and co-operation with researchers and healthcare professionals around the world. Our network of experts across a range of disciplines, relating to maternal, infant and toddler nutrition, work to support mums, dads, caregivers and healthcare professionals.

For further information, please contact 1800 438 500.

Last Updated: 03/04/2014

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